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dinky dolly

dinky dolly

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The Dinky Dolly is a unique, portable, 4 wheel steering dolly manufactured with a solid frame. Equipped with pneumatic wheels, a push/pull bar which can be operated from either end of the dolly, and if needed, a seat support system. The steering mechanism enables a very tight and accurate turning circle. To run the Dinky Dolly on track (straight or curved) we offer very smooth running boogiewheels as an option. By using the platform dolly jacks you create a solid camera platform out of the Dinky Dolly which can very easily be used at all types of sport events.


  • max. load 200 kg
  • pneumatic or track wheels
  • steel track 62 cm wide (straight , curved)
  • diameter full circle Ø 520 cm or Ø 850 cm
  • seat support incl. seat, extention 20, 30 cm
  • seat riser 15, 30 cm
  • camera riser 20, 30, 40 cm
  • asjustable bazooka 50 cm to 90 cm
  • camera levellers, such as 100mm or 150mm bowl and mitchell
  • low angles (offset arms) 45 cm with 100mm or 150mm bowl
matador dolly

The Matador Dolly is a lightweight dolly on which a seat swivel support or JanJib can be mounted. A non-slip carpet layer is fixed to the platform. The Matador Dolly can be widened with sideboards which are supplied standard with the Matador Dolly. Its extendable back-axles will guarantee a very high degree of stability. This dolly is steerable from either end. The Matador Dolly accepts trackwheels, pneumatic wheels and hard rubber wheels. By using Platform dolly jacks, the Matador Dolly is easily changed into a solid camera platform.

matador dolly

matador dolly

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package as DINKY DOLLY

spyder dolly


The simple 3-Leg Spyder Dolly converts your tripod into a portable tracking dolly. Designers used lightweight duralminium parts to keep the weight of the dolly to a minimum. Because you can fold the legs together to a small and lightweight package the Spyder dolly is ideal for travellers. The Spyder Dolly runs straight as well as curved track

Max. load capacity 100 kg

Tracks 62 cm wide (straight , curved)

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