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  • Wirelessly transmit visually lossless 1080p60 Video/Audio up to 300 m

  • < 0.001 seconds latency

  • rapid reconnect: reconnect now instantaneous once back in range

  • built In HDMI/SDI converter

  • real-time frequency adjustment

  • support metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags from many camera manufacturers

teradek 1000

teradek 1000

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Transmit uncompressed 1080p video wirelessly over 300 m line-of-sight with the Teradek Bolt Pro 1000 Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set. Included in this set are a Teradek Bolt Pro 1000 transmitter and receiver, both equipped with 3G-SDI input/output. When transmitting uncompressed video, latencies of less than one millisecond can be achieved if no other video processing is necessary. Transmitting across the 5 GHz frequency range, the pair utilizes Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) to find a clean signal between the transmitter and receiver.

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